Collin Terrel


A selection of favorite published works


The classic that established the Roots

A$AP Ferg Profile

Hood Pope Confessional

A$AP Fergs opens up for Always Strive And Prosper.

Q&A with Jazz visionary Kamasi Washington on his new opus, Heaven and Earth.

A premature evaluation of Solange's 3rd studio album.

The 10th anniversary of what should be considered a classic, and certainly Lil Wayne's best album.

Vince Staples' 10 Best Songs List

The 10 finest from LBC's finest.

Donuts Turns 10

Jay Dee's swan album and magnum opus ages gracefully.

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A selection of favorite unpublished works

Fresh Daily Profile

In-depth with one of Brooklyn's finest

and most underrated emcees.


Can You Believe This Weather?

New Yorkers stay talking about the weather.

Can Black People Be Gentrifiers?

Written by a black gentrifier himself.



Tiron & Ayomari Profile

In-depth with the criminally slept-on duo.